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Solutions Asset Finance (SAF) is excited to announce it has contributed towards vital fundraising at one of the North West's most popular tourist attractions, Chester Zoo.

The Zoo has been financially devastated by the recent pandemic; therefore, it was a no brainer when the staff at SAF decided to adopt an animal at the Zoo.

Staff took part in a vote with the resounding winner being the ever popular Two Toed Sloth.

 william phipps l4QSO66AwmE unsplash2

Unfortunately, Zoos have been severely affected during the ongoing pandemic, with the lack of footfall effecting the attractions ability to care for the animals as well as continuing to fund vital conservation work.

Luckily in recent weeks Zoos all around the country have been able to reopen. However, allowing the public to return is just the beginning, they still need to minimise the deficit faced during the long closure, particularly for the income generated that goes towards protecting animals in the wild.

The team at SAF are all proud to have been involved with the adoption and visits are now planned from staff who live within the local area to support the zoo's plight even further.

If any of our followers are interested in adopting an animal at Chester Zoo, please visit: