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Solutions Asset Finance (SAF) recently held a workshop on Mental Health Awareness for all its members of staff. Mental Health is becoming more and more prevalent particularly in the workplace, therefore, SAF wanted to educate and give its team the skills to be aware of and counteract any onset mental health issues.

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SAF brought in a trained Mindset and Life coach professional to run the day and provide advice from and experienced and outside perspective. The aim of the day was for the team to think about their personal well-being and what tools could be useful for happier living. Throughout the session the team were asked to complete various tasks that made them think about how they could improve their mental state by making minor changes and applying certain aspects that take care of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing. This included talking about habits in the workplace that we need to 'release' along with habits we need to 'begin', but also recognising what we are at our core and our strengths. A lot came out of the day, with the team really engaging with the techniques being discussed.

SAF prides itself on looking after its staff, therefore, we need to continue to be ahead of Wellbeing and Mental Heal in particular, breaking down the stigma that goes with it whilst encouraging discussion with line managers and team members alike. SAF will continue to run workshops like this throughout the year.