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SAF is looking forward to attending our second Corporate Jet Investor Conference at the Landmark Hotel, London on 3rd to 4th February, the main aviation conference of the year. This is the 10th anniversary of the event and we are pleased to be able to say our Head of Aviation, Paul Walsingham attended the very first event back in 2011, whilst head of Societe Generale's UK aviation finance business.

Through the enthusiasm and knowledge of Alasdair and Louisa it is no surprise that the CJI team has grown substantially and the event has now become such a hugely important one on the international calendar. SAF will be attending both days and many of our introducers and relationships will also be attending.

SAF remains one of the few UK and European capable financiers of business jets and helicopters and can fund deals across the whole of Europe and selected other jurisdictions. Not only do SAF have greater geographical coverage than many; we specialise in 'stand-alone' finance, which is to say we do not require clients to maintain relationships on a wealth (with Assets Under Management - 'AMUs') or other corporate basis.

Our Euro funding facility is particularly popular as the Euro interest base rate 'Euribor' is currently negative, so whether you opt for variable or fixed rate, it is hugely competitive when compared to $ USD or £ sterling funding. We can also structure loans such as funding the amortizing loan portion in Euro and retaining the balloon payment in $ USD if it would be preferred to 'self-hedge' the asset risk.

We'd be pleased to speak with you at the conference and look forward to seeing you there.