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SAF Aviation has attended some great industry events in recent weeks, including the IoM conference, Air Law Firm seminar and the 70th anniversary of The Air Charter Association. Throughout these events there has been a theme that underlying business in the UK and Europe is relatively stable, but with challenges in the economic outlook and safety issues. In particular the latter, and illegal charter is one we must all be aware. Simon Williams stated at the IoM, "there is no 'grey' charter, it's either a charter flight or not a charter flight" and the reputation of the industry is damaged by the individuals who seek to navigate around the rules, which are there to protect us all.

The ability to raise finance is also a constant issue. Our Head of Aviation, Paul Walsingham has seen in the last 10-years that many Banks remain 'in-country' specific. Many also still rely upon a wealth relationship to support aircraft finance. When setting up SocGen's UK business and also now at SAF, Paul has ensured there are less constraints on the client's economic profile, lending structure, aircraft age and acknowledged that deals are multi-jurisdictional, so cannot be country specific. Also as $USD funding becomes expensive, SAF's European funding options often present a much cheaper alternative.

What economic issues await over the next few months are still unclear, but the need for corporate individuals to travel to their business locations quickly and efficiently will continue, with SAF Aviation looking forward to continuing to support business aircraft acquisitions and re-finance of existing aircraft loans and balloon payments.