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Aside from property, the acquisition of an aircraft is likely the largest purchase a HNWI will make. It is also the most complex; size and range of aircraft, usage, operational costs, jurisdiction, tax and financial planning are just some considerations.

Aircraft acquisition and finance requires expert guidance and navigation from the outset - SAF Aviation have vital experience in providing this.

By engaging SAF, the benefits are:

  • Identify the correct funder and funding choice from the outset
  • Very competitive LTV's, interest rates and terms (€, $ or £)
  • Oversee entire finance process and avoid technical issues, which can derail the process without SAF's aviation Banking experience
  • Added relationship value with your client
  • Highly specialist activity which other service providers may not be able to provide
  • Share of income for you, or your office

SAF make the process simple and highly confidential:

  • Basic aircraft details and background of HNWI provided to SAF
  • SAF produce draft term sheet
  • Once discussed, draft terms signed and become a mandate (commitment fee paid)
  • SAF prepare credit proposal and gain approval, as appropriate
  • Client, Operator, Supplier, Lawyers and SAF work together to close the deal and delive the aircraft (deal fee paid)

Getting the right finances structure and parties involved from the outset can save wasted time later down the line - SAF Aviation have the expertise, experience and industry relationships to keep you and your client on course to make any aircraft acquisition and finance process as smooth as possible.

Make the right funding choice with SAF Aviation, contact our Head of Aviation Paul Walsingham on 07990 511 637.