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SAF have a long-standing reputation for providing a first-class level of financial and commercial support to its retained suppliers. Through our experience, we know that the success of a supplier's branded finance programme depends just as much on the supplier's commitment to that programme as it does our drive and commitment to making it a success.

For those suppliers wishing to make finance a key part of their sales offer, SAF have introduced the SAF Commitment Charter, establishing a series of simple measure for both SAF and the supplier to commit to in order to maintain continued levels of commercial success. In our experience those suppliers who do so, achieve an order conversion rate 8 times higher to those suppliers who look to work on a more reactive basis.

Sigmacon Surgical Systems, a market leader in innovative technology and high-class Laser devices, is one such company who have taken a proactive approach in providing their customers with tailored finance options as part of their Sigmacon Finance programme.

Sigmacon's commitment to working with SAF in the development of Sigmacon Finance and the continued drive from both the sales and senior management team have resulted in some early successes and a very healthy pipeline of opportunities for finance-based sales orders. Key to this success is ensuring Sigmacon Finance have direct dialogue with the customer, enabling an accurate appraisal of their requirements, improving Sigmacon Finance's ability to structure the 'right' solution for the customer and secure an order.