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For those suppliers who retain SAF’s financial and commercial support, we continue to make a positive impact on their ability to secure orders and increase sales through tailored financing solutions. Our recent partnership with global automated healthcare solution provider Omnicell, has resulted in three orders for their VBM 200F system in the past month.

A genuine gamechanger within the pharmacy sector, the VBM system provides a stand-alone, totally self-contained blister packing system with highly accurate, automated, visual pill verification. In real terms increasing revenue, accuracy and decreasing expenses.

SAF understand the key to progressing a sales opportunity to an order is to understand a customer’s specific financial drivers. By liaising direct with our supplier’s customers, rather than prescribing a solution that may or may not meet their needs, we can tailor a finance agreement that works for them. With the VBM system, SAF worked with Omnicell and their customer taking the demonstrable and tangible financial benefits of implementing the system and structuring a finance solution that provided the customer with a positive cashflow benefit.

Many of SAF’s key supplier relationships have been in place for several years, demonstrating the value to those businesses we serve. Whenever we begin a new relationship, we take a great deal of pride in providing the services we promote, and an even greater pride in aiding them close more sales.

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