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Mind the Gap does not seek to provide a competing service to your existing finance company, but a complementary service. We have been providing clients with full sales support for a number of years, but Mind the Gap brings our various services together in one unique offering.

Does your current finance provider give specialist advice to your customers using a dedicated, sales driven team that possess the commercial skills and tenacity to help you win more business?

Are they using bespoke branded finance quotations with your own branding, with clear and concise information for your customers?

In order for your finance relationship to be effective, you need to know you have the right support in place.  We understand the gap that can exist between a supplier and their chosen finance company when there are additional services the supplier may require which cannot be provided.

Our aim is to offer complementary services that fill the gap, and we have now packaged these services into the Mind the Gap product, from which customers can choose support with the ones most appropriate to their needs.

We know from our experience and the research that went into the product that the most common hurdles faced by suppliers in making a sale are:

·         Customer’s shortage of available capital

·         Financial and Accounting challenges

·         Procurement

·         Legal Documentation

·         Taxation

·         Board Approval Processes


The team at SAF have over 50 years’ experience working in a range of senior sales roles. Over the years, we have found that our supplier partners have a fantastic knowledge of the products they are selling, but often find some of the more specialist areas listed above to be harder to surmount.

We pride ourselves on the strength of the relationships we are fortunate to have with suppliers. We find our skills complement each other to create an incredibly powerful sales force.

The Mind the Gap product bridges the gap that sometimes exists between a supplier and it’s existing finance provider. To their funding ability, and your product knowledge, we bring commercial skills, specialist advice, tenacity and speed of service among many other attributes.

We work across a range of sectors including the NHS, public sector, construction and green technologies.

One client for whom we have provided Mind the Gap product services for some time is Carl Zeiss.

Paul Adderley, Carl Zeiss UK’s Managing Director, commented: “The service and support over the last 5 years has been invaluable in ensuring all sales opportunities are maximised.”

Paul went on to praise SAF’s “excellent commercial ability” and our “strong desire to make sales happen”.

We like to think this neatly sums up what we are all about here at SAF. We live and breathe sales and nothing gives us more satisfaction than working with a supplier client to overcome challenges and obstacles that are holding up or hampering a great sales opportunity.

If you would like to find out more about SAF’s Mind the Gap product and how it can transform the sales conversion rates of your organisation, we would be delighted to hear from you.