Our News

Following the successful year of the wellness committee in 2017, we recently completed the first activity of the new year. To date our longest walk has been 6 miles, it was agreed that we should push the boundaries and attempt an 8 mile walk along the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire. Starting in Delamere Forest the group headed south aiming for Kelsall, tricky terrain and weather worthy of the North Pole made it a difficult first few miles. Snowfall and muddy tracks meant it was slightly slippery at times so extra care had to be taken. There were a few hairy moments during the walk with Loz taking a tumble and Jane very nearly blinded by branch whiplash, all of which made for a few good laughs. Once we arrived in Kelsall, the immediate action was to find a pit stop for warmth and a well earned hot chocolate. Unfortunately the navigators amongst us were unable to track down that much needed coffee shop, instead taking us through tight alleyways and rather close some to some of the inhabitants of Kesall. Rather than dwelling on missing out, we carried on heading back towards Delamere. We successfully completed the walk in just under 3 hours and it seemed to be well received by everyone involved. Plans and discussions for the next activity in early Spring have already begun.