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In the calendar year 2017, the sales conversion rate for one Retained Supplier on opportunities where we engaged directly with the customer was 76%. This equated to a significant 7-figure turnover directly attributed to their branded finance offering.

SAF support a number of pre-eminent Companies via our Retained Partner and ‘Mind the Gap’ services model. Within these service agreements, SAF provide our suppliers with a breadth of financial and commercial support to aid them in converting sales. However, to increase the likelihood of the relationship’s success we require one key commitment from the supplier -  direct engagement with the customer.

Engagement is the key to sales conversion.

The benefit of our supplier branded finance offer and what sets it apart from traditional avenues for finance is our motivation to talk directly to customers, to understand their specific needs and provide a finance solution that meets those needs.

The evidence for this approach is stark. There is, across all of SAF’s supported suppliers, a direct correlation between the level of direct engagement between ourselves and the customer and the ability to turn a sales opportunity into an order.