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SAF enables its retained partners to offer NHS and Private sector customers their own company-branded financing solution services.

In turn, this helps suppliers to present to their clients a cost-effective alternative to outright capital purchase. A company-branded financing solution is a powerful sales tool that allows a business to offer a total solution to its customers.

It gives a business a competitive edge by helping to close sales in situations where capital is unavailable, thus making it easier for customers to transact with them.

Our services start at the outset of the sales cycle by offering the customer a supplier branded finance solution alongside the capital option.

This enhances the offering of the supplier and introduces the finance options at an early stage.

SAF provides the finance and commercial support for customers and SAF discuss directly with the customers how the finance offer needs to be structured in order to secure the order.

The flexibility that SAF can provide for the finance allows us to offer both on and off balance sheet solutions and with terms up to 15 years.

With our knowledge and experience of the finance market we are able to provide solutions that work for both the supplier and the customer.