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Our supplier partners work hard for every opportunity and while our obvious financial and commercial solutions can greatly influence the outcome of a sale for them, it is ultimately our sales ability and experience which makes the difference between the success or failure of helping them to close more sales.

We believe we are unique in the way we work with our supplier partners in helping them to transform their sales conversion rates.  Even when finance is not required, our sales specialists provide the vital extra ingredients to make the difference.

The dedicated team at SAF work very hard to understand a sales opportunity from all different perspectives. We work alongside the supplier’s technical sales person and directly engage with the customer to ensure that we have a complete commercial and financial understanding of any project.  Direct dialogue with customers is invaluable in assessing and providing the correct solution, as well as understanding their internal approval processes and any commercial hurdles they may need to overcome.

As a sales-driven organisation ourselves, at SAF we understand that customers often have tight timescales and we pride ourselves on our availability, our ability to react quickly and our communication skills. Often it is the simplest things that can be the most irritating and we appreciate the frustration of an unanswered email or unreturned phone call.

This-sales driven attitude has always been, and continues to be, crucial to SAF’s success.