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Carl Zeiss, a market leader in ophthalmic solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, is a supplier to Ireland Wood surgery, which provides primary care for Ireland Wood, Cookridge and the surrounding areas.

Working in partnership with SAF, and with an equipment value of £80,845.70, Zeiss Rental initially provided Ireland Wood with an indicative offer in May, following a direct request from the client for an alternative payment method outside of capital purchase.

The Zeiss Rental facility was a more favourable option to Ireland Wood Surgery than a capital purchase for commercial reasons. The structure of the offer allowed the surgery to maintain its capital budget whilst understanding that the additional income generated by the expanded eye clinic service was more than sufficient to cover the cost of the Rentals and generate a healthy revenue surplus for the surgery.

In addition, it was highlighted that the client wished to have the option to upgrade the equipment at the end of their preferred term, something Zeiss Rental can accommodate and which also provides Zeiss with a warm future sales lead.

Zeiss Rental Specialist Phil Dring, SAF’s Commercial Manager, maintained contact with Practice Manager, Freya Greening-Jackson to fully understand their financial requirements and ensure they  were met to enable an order to be placed. Direct contact with the client allowed for a smooth credit approval and documentation process to be completed in line with the customer’s expectation around timescales.

Summary Timeline

▪ May  - Indicative Zeiss Rental offer presented in tandem with initial equipment quotation.

▪ 29th July - Client confirmed to sales lead Matt McCaffrey of their intention to investigate the

Zeiss Rental offer further with a view to placing an order.

▪ 2nd -3rd August - Discussions held with Practice manager to ensure the offer presented was correct and to gain information about the practice which was fundamental to the credit application.

▪ 3rd August - Credit proposal compiled by Zeiss Rental and funder engaged.

▪ 4th August - Credit approval received from funder and documentation drawn up by Zeiss Rental.

▪ 5th August - All documentation issued to the practice, signed and returned 9th August.

▪ 10th August - Purchase order raised to Carl Zeiss.