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Many market leading suppliers and manufacturers have chosen SAF to assist with the provision of commercial and financial solutions to their customers, with the aim of closing more sales.

Along with many financial services organisations, SAF highlights speed of service as a differentiator.  However, adding it to your company CV is not enough.  The team at SAF understand what is required by our supplier partners and always aim to exceed expectations.  

In our world, services can include:

  • Response to quotation requests
  • Financial due diligence and credit analysis
  • Dialogue with customers
  • Drafting and signing of finance documentation 
  • Payments to supplier partners

Having recently marked our 10th anniversary with the £300million funding milestone of assets financed, the team at SAF understands the commercial pressures faced by our supplier partners and always ensure that our contribution to a transaction is conducted with the utmost professionalism and within the required timeframe. 

Often it is the simplest things that can be most annoying and we appreciate the frustration of an unanswered email or non-returned phone call.  The availability of the SAF team and our ability to react quickly is critical to our success.  This is never more important than in communication with our supplier partners and their customers.

A differentiator that is not as widely used is tenacity. 

Our supplier partners work hard for every opportunity and we understand that our financial and commercial solutions can make the difference between success and failure. 

We believe we are unique in being able to work with supplier partners to help them transform their sales conversion rates.  Even when finance is not required, our sales specialists provide the vital extra ingredients to make the difference.

The team at SAF work very hard to understand a transaction from all the different perspectives.  We work alongside the technical sales person and directly engage with the customer to ensure that we have a complete commercial and financial understanding of any project.  Direct dialogue with customers is invaluable in assessing and providing the correct solution, as well as understanding their internal approval processes and any commercial hurdles they may need to overcome.  

We are 8 times more successful when we engage the customer directly and our tenacity means that each transaction has the best possible chance of success regardless of the ultimate funding route.