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08/03/2017 by Steve Bowers

We are delighted to tell you about a new product we have launched called Mind the Gap.

Mind the Gap has been developed by the team at SAF to assist suppliers in increasing their sales conversion rates.

We live and breathe sales at SAF and, with over 50 years’ experience working in various senior sales roles, we like to think we know a thing or two about how to get customers to say “yes”.

We work closely across a range of sectors including the NHS, public sector, construction and green technologies.

Often, suppliers have considerable knowledge of what they are selling, but benefit from being able to tap into our experience to help them overcome some of the wider challenges they may face.

As a result of our work with clients, we have created the Mind the Gap product which covers many of the more common obstacles to a sale, including:

  • Financial and Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Legal Documentation
  • Taxation
  • Board Approval Processes

In order for your finance relationship to be effective, you need to know you have the right support in place.

But even when finance is not required, comprehensive sales support can make the difference between making a sale and not.

We know from our work with clients over many years what a difference it can make to harness the best of your technical sales know-how with SAF’s wider sales support and the right finance package. This winning combination helps to build long-term, commercially focused partnerships.

To find out more please visit our Mind the Gap page