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08/03/2017 by James Fletcher

We are fortunate to work with some fantastic supplier sales people who have incredible knowledge of the products they are selling to their customers.

This is absolutely vital in some of the key sectors in which we work, not least healthcare when you are often talking about hugely expensive pieces of equipment.

Budget constraints in the NHS and wider public sector means that the challenges sales people face in securing a deal are considerable. Just having the best kit available on the market is sadly not enough.

Without the right sales infrastructure, procurement projects can be severely delayed and, in the worst cases, cancelled all together.

This is where our Mind the Gap product can literally help you plug the gap that can exist between supplier and finance company.

Our team have the Commercial Skills to be able to help suppliers bridge the gap that can sometimes exist and which can jeopardise the chances of making a sale.

Among the areas in which we support our clients are:

  • Advising the supplier as to the viability of the project at a finance level;
  • Understanding and advising on accounting requirements;
  • Advising on tax issues and benefits, including VAT;
  • Opening up new contacts within the customer’s organisation.

We understand and can assist with the procurement process, particularly within the public sector.

We can help with board approval documents and presentations.

The SAF team can also provide due diligence on the customer and advise if, financially, there is a deal to be done. The Mind the Gap product offering also includes bespoke documentation packages suitable to a supplier’s requirements.

We work at all levels of the supplier organisation helping the smooth flow of finance transactions including:

  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Ultimately, the key to a successful deal is all about understanding the customer’s commercial requirements and then delivering a funding solution that is fit for purpose.

We work with our supplier partners to ensure that they never miss an opportunity because of a customer’s lack of capital.


Blog by James Fletcher, SAF’s Commercial Manager