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28/04/2021 by Helen Lang

At Solutions Asset Finance (SAF), building long-standing and trusted relationships is a fundamental part of our service offering, and we’re keen to recognise the fantastic and progressive partnerships we have in place.


For our next “Supplier in the Spotlight” series, an online blog series dedicated to celebrating our collaborations with suppliers, we wanted to highlight our partnership with Sigmacon.


We’ve worked alongside Sigmacon, the UK’s leading distributor of surgical and medical device technologies, since June 2019 and support them by providing a bespoke branded finance solution, Sigmacon Finance.


Client name: Sigmacon


Client services: Provider of laser systems and associated products for Surgical and Ophthalmic outpatients.


Client brief: Sigmacon specialises in providing the NHS and private healthcare sector with a wide range of high-quality medical devices. Working extensively with the NHS, they recognise the financial and budgeting difficulties that often occur when hospitals need to replace, upgrade or improve existing surgical equipment.


To combat this and help NHS Trusts access much-needed equipment, Sigmacon recognised that offering a financial solution to those NHS Trusts that are unable to find the capital outlay for immediate acquisitions would make their products more accessible. 


SAF’s solution: Working in close partnership with the team at Sigmacon, SAFs commercial and financial experience within the market sector enabled us to develop a tailored branded finance solution. From this, we were able to implement an integrated payment plan that allowed Sigmacon to supply much-needed surgical equipment to the healthcare sector, meaning consultants and patients could benefit from the best equipment straight away. 


SAF recognised that the individual needs of the healthcare providers could differ on a case-by-case basis. In response to this, we worked with Sigmacon to ensure that rental periods can range from one to seven years and can be tailored to suit the budgetary requirements of the NHS Trust or healthcare provider in question. In recognition of the changing and evolving demands on the NHS, we have also incorporated the option of deferring the first rental payment for up to twelve months to align with a new financial year. 


What the client said: 


“Sigmacon has worked in partnership with Solutions Asset Finance for almost three years. During that time, we’ve been impressed by the team’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the healthcare sector and its complex procurement processes.


“Thanks to the ‘Sigmacon Finance’ solution, our team have been able to deliver exceptional and essential medical equipment where it is most needed – within our NHS. Thanks to the partnership with Solutions Asset Finance, we’ve been able to make our products more available and be flexible with the funding solutions we can provide. We look forward to continuing this partnership for the foreseeable future.
 – Nik Levey, Director of Sigmacon.



Ongoing support: 


SAF continues to offer a branded finance solution to Sigmacon’s customer base, allowing them to purchase medical equipment as and when it is needed, rather than when capital budgets allow.


We also continue to assist their team with dedicated sales support, sharing our healthcare industry expertise and aiding the team in implementing effective sales strategies that help to grow the business and ensure orders.


This support comes in various forms including regular attendance at sales meetings, assisting with sales queries and regularly reviewing the financial solutions available to ensure they are fit for purpose. 


Benefits of the partnership: 


Since offering the ‘Sigmacon Finance’ solution, Sigmacon has witnessed unrivalled success in converting sales into orders. The company’s client base can now benefit from new, updated equipment quickly, without the need to find upfront capital or wait for budget decisions to be made.


The structured repayment plan also allows for the shift in expenditure from capital to revenue budget, making it a more attractive alternative for NHS Trusts. 


By ensuring each repayment plan is tailored to individual needs, with the monthly costs and time frames pre-agreed, Sigmacon’s clients have been able to benefit from an enhanced leasing service that puts their needs at the forefront of agreements.


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