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Solutions Asset Finance is thrilled to announce the completion of a new transaction with our long-standing supplier partner, LINET UK, which has enabled a residential care home company to invest in high-specification nursing beds.


Abbey Total Care Group, a family-run business with 11 care homes in and around London approached leading medical bed supplier, LINET UK, to supply high-spec, medical beds for their newly refurbished care home, Forest Place Nursing Home.


Thanks to the long-running partnership between SAF and LINET UK, the care home provider was able to use LINET finance, a tailored, branded finance solution with an integrated payment plan. This allowed LINET UK to supply much-needed beds to Abbey Total Care Group quickly, without the need for any upfront capital payment.


With this, care home residents at Forest Place Nursing Home could benefit from new equipment straight away and 35 Sentina 5 Universal Nursing Care beds were delivered and installed.


Upgrading their equipment to ensure they offered high-quality beds for residents was extremely important for improving a resident’s care, safety and comfort.


Affordability and sensible cash flow investments are key to private sector businesses and SAF worked closely with both LINET UK and Abbey Total Care Group’s management team to develop a bespoke funding solution that enabled the customer to take full advantage of this cost-effective procurement option.  


LINET Finance was an ideal choice for Abbey Total Care Group as it limited the need for significant capital outlay, meaning this money could then be redistributed and used to address other urgent refurbishment projects where funding options were not available.


This transaction demonstrates how asset finance can be a powerful tool for suppliers of equipment who may be looking to maintain and improve sales orders in the private sector at a time when capital availability is limited. By spreading the cost of new building projects and equipment, our suppliers’ customers can benefit from making key strategic investments, without inviting undue pressure on their budgets.


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